Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wrath of an Angry God: Book 3 of the Sentience Trilogy by Gibson Michaels

Hi, all! I apologize for my apparent disappearance; between a full-time restaurant job during the holidays and traveling to see family, this is the first I've been able to sit down and write this long-overdue review. Thank you for your patience.


The last installment of this trilogy begins with weddings. It details the war between the humans and the Raknii and the struggle for the Raknii to accept human rule. There were also a few loose ends tied up and a few babies birthed. The novel and the trilogy reach their ultimate conclusion: the Raknii coming to terms with a new place in the universe.

In the beginning of this novel, I was reminded of Shakespeare's comedies. Everyone was getting married. Not that this is a bad thing, but it is what I thought of. My main issue that I struggled with in this novel was the portrayal of women. During the consummation of Drix's marriage to N'raal I struggled against my own culture shock as I witnessed what was basically a kidnapping followed by a rape. I felt the novel could have done without this scene in general, although I understand that the author needed to include it to fill out Drix's story line. I also did not appreciate the constant references to Dorothy Fletcher's breasts, or the insinuation that because a woman was ugly she was not worth anything unless she held a man's affections. I worked very hard during this read to remember other cultures and the ultimate fabric of the story.

My other problem with this novel was what felt like a hasty "tying up of loose ends." [Spoilers ahead] Diet and John "Bat" Masterson are apparently the same person, even though in the other novels, when we hear from Bat, he is doubtful of his "prophecies" and doesn't always seem to know for sure what's going on. It occurs to me that he couldn't just state his plans as fact to the enemy's side, but I still felt a little cheated as a reader. Maybe upon a second read-through these discrepancies in character will disappear.

Although I had a few issues with this last novel, I understand endings are always difficult, and I do applaud the author for appropriately answering any and all questions and bringing the novel to a natural close. As a reader, at the end I was aware of all the major characters and where they ended up. and I was aware of how the Raknii stood with the humans.

I enjoyed this final chapter in the trilogy and I would consider rereading the trilogy in the future.

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