Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Defying the Prophet: Book 2 of the Sentience Trilogy by Gibson Michaels


This second installment to the trilogy begins with the continuation of the civil war story line from the first novel. However, right after the civil war concludes, another begins when the Raknii invade and attack the human race. Simultaneously, Hal, the sentient super computer, is trying to become "mobile" and is working on a body that can hold his intelligence, but move like a human.

I think this installment exceeds the first as the author seems more familiar with his concept. All the different plot lines coincide wonderfully without interfering with each other. It seemed to me that just when I started to wonder what was going on elsewhere, the author seamlessly transitioned into the other story. 

The characters have definitely started to take on their own characteristics, and as a first time reader, I recognized characters when they were brought up. This is an improvement over the first installment when characters were introduced and taken away so quickly I had no time to recognize them. I also enjoyed the romance that was near the end of the novel; the author was unobtrusive in his writing which allowed me to enjoy the moments with the characters. I was pleased that he did not feel the need to "skip over" sex scenes, but they were not written with gory details. I laughed several times while reading this novel. The humor was genuine and intelligent.

My favorite part of this novel was all of the overlapping story lines and the way the author masterfully weaved them together. If I had a criticism, it would probably be the fast pace of the military scenes. I sometimes failed to keep up with all of the numbers and fleets and attacks and just kept track of roughly who was "winning" 

I am eagerly awaiting the conclusion to this series, which will be reviewed next week here on my blog. 

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