Sunday, November 8, 2015

Let Me Explain

By writing this blog, I'm hoping to write some honest opinions about books that are suggested to me by other readers. Maybe you've read the book and want to know someone else's opinion. Maybe you haven't read the book and want to know what you're getting into. Either way, if you'd like to send me a book suggestion, you can e-mail them to

I prefer to review books by new fiction authors, although nothing is out of bounds. Most of this blog will be focused on fantasy, science fiction, and young adult novels because this is what I normally read. However, if your suggestion falls outside of these bounds, I will not mind giving it a try.

Once I've read the book, I will post my response on Mondays. This response will consist of a score I will give it on a scale of good to "ungood" derived from Newspeak in 1984 by George Orwell.

Doubleplusgood: This is an amazingly rare read, and definitely worth picking up. This book should be at the top of your to-be-read list.

Plusgood: Definitely worthwhile, although not an excellent novel. 

Good: This is a book you will enjoy reading, although it is not an outstanding work. 

Ungood: This is a bad read, although not atrocious enough to warrant not picking up. Maybe it didn't appeal to me, but you might like it a little better.

Plus ungood: A worse read than I expected, and there are multiple problems.

Doubleplus ungood: This book is probably a waste of your time. 

I will also include a more detailed response about my reactions and the reasoning behind the score. If there are any spoilers in the response, they will be denoted by a [spoilers ahead] in the text before the spoilers appear. I will do my best to make these notations clear to avoid any confusion. 

I do appreciate comments on my responses, however any unnecessarily negative comments will be deleted and you will be blocked. 

My abbreviated reviews can also be found on and I will provide a link to the book at the end of my response. Thank you for your readership, your comments, and suggestions. Onwards!  

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